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2012 Emmy Awards


I am more than a little bereft at having missed the Emmys last night, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on the sartorial goings-ons. There seemed to have been a few major themes playing out in the gowns, and with the caveat that I didn’t get to see any of these in motion, here’s what I think:

Tweety Bird Yellow was most definitely a thing. Julianne Moore, always gorgeous, went for a risk-taking Christian Dior sweater and high-waisted skirt – high-waisted being the understatement of the century because that sucker came right up to her under-boob. It had a cool corset-like look, but the top was a little too covered up for my taste.

Claire Danes swept the night in a drapey Lanvin that rustled around her baby belly. I thought she looked terrific, though some on the interwebs are accusing the dress of being lazy. Whatever. She’s pregnant. Drape away, I say.

And as much as I love Modern Family and like Julie Bowen’s sunny Monique Lhuillier gown, I have trouble with her gaunt, frenetic energy. I just want to send her away for a two week stint at a Belgian monastery where the monks take a vow of silence but consume copious amounts of beer, fries and meat sandwiches. Wait. That actually sounds divine. Screw her. I’ll go.

Sparkly also came out to play and my fave was Kerry Washington in Vivienne Westwood. Even when Viv goes old Hollywood glam, there’s still this punk pedigree that somehow, someway finds its way through. Or maybe it’s just me seeing everything she does through my Viv-tinted glasses. This is a dress I wish I could have seen in motion.

Nicole looked as icy and statuesque as ever in a cool deco-inspired Antonio Berardi. Is Keith Urban shrinking?

And finally, Lucy Liu’s bod was just unstoppable in a disco ball Versace. I know Versace sort of specializes in bod, but seriously, that dress was ridiculously good on her.

Patterns and florals were also out in force with mixed results. As much as I love Lena Dunham and her cringe-inducing Girls, that heavy Prada wasn’t doing sister any favors. I don’t know anyone who can wear a high waist like that and look good, although I do like her short hair. Sometimes lopping it off is the best answer.

Jennifer Goodwin’s orange brocade Monique Lhuillier was two wee ankles short of overwhelming her. Honestly, the small detail of the shorter front made saved this dress.

Julianna Margulies in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture looks like a garden, but in a good way. It’s fresh and voluminous, only I think the dark pulled back hair is too severe for the organic romance of the frock. If she ever needed to release the curls a bit, this was the night.

And finally, I thought Peggy, er, Elizabeth Moss looked kinda sassy in this Dolce and Gabbana. It’s flouncy and sexy, kind of a bombshell dress. I like to see Peggy get her sexy on. And maybe I’m having a moment, but that short front is doing it for me. Is this a mullet dress cleverly disguised as a va va voom Cha Cha diGregorio dress? Perhaps.


SB Begrudgingly Loves Prints

If you were to ask me whether or not I gravitate toward prints, my instant response would be a resounding no.

But that answer would, in fact, be utter bullshit. One look at my closet belies the notion that I’m all about understated and elegant solids.

Turns out, I tolerate florals, like plaids, love Chinoiserie and worship polka-dots (white on navy, if you must know).

This article in the NY Times Style Magazine posits that prints make us happy because they hearken back to a simpler time. But also, that prints can be polarizing –  you either love them or hate them.

It does not explain, however, why I think I hate them, but secretly love them.